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Vision Trends of Long Point | Eye Clinic near you in Houston, Texas

Eye Care in Northwest Houston – We Focus on You

Welcome to Vision Trends of Long Point, where our friendly eye doctor serves Northwest Houston with clear and healthy vision! With personalized and precise care, we treat patients of all ages expertly, offering a comprehensive range of eye care services.

From routine eye exams to advanced management of ocular disease to a stunning selection of eyewear – we are your one-stop center for sharp vision. Call ahead to book an eye exam with Dr. Pannapara, your Northwest Houston optometrist, or pop in anytime to explore our optical collection..


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Experience a superior standard of eye care in Northwest Houston

Vision is priceless, and we value everyone’s right to enjoy healthy eyes and the clearest eyesight possible.

At Vision Trends of Long Point, every patient is seen as an individual – our Northwest Houston eye doctor will personalize your eye exam and treatment to address your unique visual needs and health condition.

We use advanced diagnostics to check visual acuity and ocular health. If you have an eye disease, we will monitor it closely to prevent complications and future vision loss. Dr. Pannapara also provides full co-management for laser eye surgeries, so you benefit from the comfort and convenience of eye care by your familiar optometrist in Northwest Houston.



Our Eye Care Services:

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    Eye exams by our Northwest Houston eye doctor check much more than your vision prescription. We use advanced digital technologies to inspect your eye health regularly, which is the most reliable way to preserve your long-lasting, quality vision. Your eye exam will be personalized to focus on your unique needs.
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    Myopia control is a revolutionary method of vision treatment that slows or stops the progression of nearsightedness. Our team is experienced in myopia control at our eye care center in Northwest Houston. In recent times, high levels of nearsightedness in kids has been linked to future eye problems, which underscores the need for myopia control.
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    Most people after age 40 will experience presbyopia, a vision condition characterizes by trouble with seeing things up close. As you age, the lens of your eye becomes less flexible, which compromises your eye’s ability to focus. Speak to our Northwest Houston optometrist about the best presbyopia treatment for you.
  • woman applying eyedroppers, close up
    Dry eye syndrome is a common condition caused by either a poor tear composition or an insufficient amount of lubricating tears. Our Northwest Houston eye doctor specializes in finding the cause of your dry eye – in order to recommend the most effective personalized dry eye treatment.
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    Children have their own set of visual needs – and they need eye exams and eye care that is specialized to address their developing eyes and vision. Our Northwest Houston optometrist is qualified and experienced to diagnose and treat a wide range of pediatric vision conditions.
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    Many common eye diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts require close monitoring to keep watch for changes. Using the latest technologies and therapies, our eye doctor in Northwest Houston diagnoses and manages ocular disease to keep your vision healthy for as long as possible.
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    Our eye doctors have the latest technology and lots of experience with eye infections, scratched eye, something stuck in your eye, painful or stinging eyes and many other types of eye infections.
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    Eye emergencies happen, and it’s best to be prepared by knowing where to seek urgent eye care in Northwest Houston. We offer emergency services for many problems, such as red eyes, corneal abrasions, eye infection (pink eye), painful vision, foreign body removal, and ocular trauma.
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    Ready for an alternative to prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses? Ask us about LASIK and other laser eye surgeries. Our Northwest Houston provides full co-management services in the comfort of our office.
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    Astigmatism is very common, and fortunately, it’s also easy to correct with eyewear. Visit our optometrist in Northwest Houston for an eye exam, and if we diagnose astigmatism, we’ll prescribe the most suitable vision correction.
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    Vision is the foundation for learning in the classroom, playing on the sports field, and socializing with confidence. Our Northwest Houston eye doctor will evaluate your kid’s vision thoroughly to ensure that there are no undetected vision conditions that could interfere with proper development.
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    Sports eyewear serves many functions – not only does it protect your eyes from whizzing balls, water, and swinging objects, but it can also upgrade your performance by enhancing vision under different conditions. Tell us your game and we’ll recommend the most helpful sports eyewear in our Northwest Houston eye care office.
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    Nowadays, people spend hours per day staring at a digital screen. This can lead to a slew of bothersome vision symptoms, categorized as a part of computer vision syndrome. Our Northwest Houston optometrist offers various solutions to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms, such as blue light blocking lenses and computer glasses.
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    At our Northwest Houston eye care center, we believe in keeping our patients well-informed. Learn more about your eye health and vision from our collection of helpful articles about topics relevant to your life.